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    Is it just me or is Cristiano Ronaldo a little overated? I am a Man Utd fan and I know their are going to be people who flame me but I cant help to think that his reputation is a little bit too good. I see today that he has won the FIFA Player of the year and I agree that he had a good year last year but something is bothering me, I see a lot of Man Utd games and too be honest he performs against the lowly sides and weaker opponents but when he comes up against a top class player/team he really struggles, like in the last game against Chelsea, Ashley Cole wooped him. He is very inconsistent in his performances and I feel that he is being judged on his performances against the weak teams rather than the top class teams.

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    Wrong forum. If you want to discuss this as IRL, then you need the Football Forum. If you mean in-game, then you need the data issues forum

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