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I think I might go back to the drawing board on this one as per your instructions. I did decide early on that I would eventually settle on a system and get the players to fit the system rather than the other way around, since being a bit of a lower league, it would be a lot easier to find players with overall flaws, but whose attributes made them hidden gems based on how their stronger attributes would fit with my tactics.
Although everyone plays it differently I must admit I tend to work like this, I usually create a tactic that works for me and one I feel I have a good understanding of then I'll build my team around that. The problem I find with building a tactic around my team is that it's too much of a learning curve, If I know what players it takes to make my tactic work then its much easier for me to find those players.

For me its far easier to find players for my tactic than it is to find a tactic for my players. this is just how I play it though, the tactical gurus out there probably play it the other way around