I went into the last day of the season 2 points behind Celtic (I'm Rangers) due to having to play away to them 3 times. At this time I've played 19 away games and 18 away so I think I should be at home with Celtic having a more diffcult away game. I need them to drop points. Nope! The game has decided I'm away again. Alas I fell short and felt cheated.

In summary - As Rangers in the SPL I have had to play 3 times at Parkhead with one at Ibrox. I have also played 20 away games (Celtic 18 away and 20 at home).

Are SI going to fix this? It does not happen in real life. Rangers and Celtic always play 2 home and 2 away against each other. It also means they have extra money from those exra games at home so I'm losing financially too.