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    Default News Item Customization

    News Item Customization is something i'd definitely like to see more in future versions of FM.
    Some suggestion:

    * Receive news items of every world transfer exceeding the amount of [inser amount] [insert currency]

    * Receive fixture results of the following leagues other than the league in which you are managing [select the leagues]
    -> every selected playable and non-playable league, should have a preference-tab, in which you can tick or untick certain items like: receive transfernews, receive fixture results, receive award results, etc...

    Anyone has any other suggestions?

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    Default Re: News Item Customization

    Yeah, how about offering some logical stuff like news about big matches of other leagues, news about the leagues around the world, who is hot and who is not, which team seems to be on fire, which players seem to be on fire or not, news about great performances that happen, big surprises or big defeats, you know, logical stuff that should be on the news.

    And please reunite the two news pages, they way they are now does not make sense. The news page is not even sorted by date... It's a mess.

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    Default Re: News Item Customization

    I've said this before,and I'm saying this again

    A website-esque news system's the way forward

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