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Thread: Mac Patch part 2

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    Default Mac Patch part 2

    "As we have said countless times we will give you information when we have it to give."

    Seeing as though you closed the thread without even giving me a chance to reply, I'll just start another thread.

    From the above statement, i gather you are not working on a patch for the Mac? We have had no info regarding one. Only the PC gamers have had info regarding the patch.

    All i want to know is whether there is a Mac patch being worked on FFS. HOW HARD IS IT TO SAY YES OR NO??

    This beating around the bush style that you all have makes people ask question, which then drives you mad. You surely must realise that if you just gave people some answers they wouldn't have to ask.

    Absolute nightmare

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    Default Re: Mac Patch part 2

    If you open another thread making the same points after this one, you'll be warned for spamming. Thanks.

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