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    Default Unprofessional Behaviour

    I tend to be a very harsh taskmaster when managing. If I feel an abysmal error cost me a game or valuable points on the table then, if the option is there, I'll fine the player responsible with perhaps overly-enthusiastic clicks. Such occasions are becoming more frequent, what with defenders in FM09 frequently guilty of ball watching and the quite frankly unnacceptable 'ball bounces off the player as if he's forgotten where he is' problem.

    I don't watch the full match and very rarely review games following the first viewing so I could be missing something in the commentary, but I've noticed in FM09 that often the guilty players can be fined for 'unprofessional behaviour' following the match.
    I can't really complain because this allows me to throw out the full 2 week fine and gives me a decent outlet for my frustration, but 'unprofessional behaviour' used to only apply to players going out drinking and other off-pitch actions. In 08, unless the player got himself sent off, you could only discipline the player for 'poor performance' with players complaining if they felt it was unfair and so on.

    Anyone know precisely what's been changed?

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    Default Re: Unprofessional Behaviour

    i am playing with ManUtd...i get those often with Rio, Vidic n rooney ....dont know the cause @_@

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