Hi I guys I know I'm probally being a pain, but I am getting desperate I just want to play FM!

Please help a fellow FMer out guys please, where's the humanity!

I have came home from work to load up my Brilliant Partick Thistle game I've got just now and I get to my next match Scottish Cup 3rd Round against Montrose pick my team and click on Match and I get the little ball icon as if something is happening but then nothing does!!!! Also when I go to anyone with 3d kits on the info screen it just freezes!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I had the info screen problem before and it was suggested that I turn the thredding off I did that and every thing was working fine) But like I said I have came in from work loaded my game up and can't get anywhere, IT SUCKS SOOOOOO MUCH SI have really f**ked up big time here, I love the game and wanna play it but it's just driving me insane!!!! It's not my computer I have a vista 4g ram with 2.4 quad core processor.