with myself included that no one seems to have an answer for.
Basically having trawled the site it seems that on a few computers myself included we get caught up in a never ending circle.
People using the phones who use their CORRECT code in CAPITALS input all of the required codes and response keys, then inserting the AUTH key boxes responses before being told congratulations your product has been activated, goodbye. Phone goes dead, a look at the screen which also says Activation complete so a click on finish should result in the next click of Football Manager 09 loading up the game. WRONG, Soft Anchor message Online Activation screen pops up again saying Your trial period has EXPIRED! Please visit: www.sigames.com with the Product Key being requested again. It is a never ending circle that is both confusing and repetitively annoying. All I want is some explanation as to some clear instructions as to what to do next and a possible solution. I know the guys on here are extremely busy and I sympathise the amount of problems you guys are filtering through but I just need some clear advice on what to do next. Please!