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Thread: Why cant i play it?

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    Default Why cant i play it?

    ive downloaded steam and registered it but it says this game is unavailable??? it starts to update, really slowly. but f*cks up half way through after an hour of waiting!!! why cant we just install the game like normal!! this steam business is a pile of sh*t, and whoever thought of the idea should be sacked. i just want to play!!! i can't uninstall it either!! what the **** is wrong????

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    Mate, I sympathise. After finally registering the game (took me hours to find the link that deciphers your code into o's and 0's) I finally got the game running. To my horror it crashes every time I go to the march portal (straight before "team talk" option in matchday programme). Now when I try to start it up from my desktop it says i need to input my registry key again....brilliant! So, I input it and guess what!? "Key is already registered" - Really!? Well done Sherlock, of course it is's registered to me!! So now, I can't even play the damn game! Well done SI, well done indeed! You have sucedded in annoying 90% of your customer base...all I have seen so far is rant after rant!

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