These are just a couple of things I have experienced, which may or may not be bug related but I suspect them to be unusual.

'Tightening the gap between defence and midfield' - According to my assistant, the gap is too great between the defend and the midfield in pretty much every game. Okay I thought, I'll put Mikel (as I'm Chelsea) as DM, covering the back four. The assistant kept saying the same thing. I'm sorry but it's never been a problem before, no matter how I try to fix it, it's always there, any suggestions?

'Penalties' - I played West Ham at home earlier and I scored a whopping 4 penalties? I also won 8-0, it was crazy. I've also won 6-1 and 5-0 in the previous few games, I'm scoring so many more than anyone else. It's not just me either, some of the scores in the league have been insane, 6-3, 5-4, 4-4, etc and it's quite regular.

Also, after I finish a game, I have to get through about 4-5 clicks of play, continue or whatever else, before I get the results to be processed (not aimless clicking, actually clicking to get pass different pages, etc).