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Thread: Badges and Logo's

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    Originally posted by ajw10: I'd be done with AFC if Coq went on loan!

    Default Badges and Logo's

    OK so I saw on the skinning forum that messages like this don't belong there...

    I'm just wondering how quickly anyone out there is planning on developing all the correct logo's and badges for FM09 after release (I.e. Premiership etc). The only reason I ask is because I'm off to Spain on the Monday for 2 weeks and it would be cool to have it all updated before I go. So I was just wondering if anyone was planning on working on it over that weekend?

    Have a good day all...

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    graphics packs tend to come out quite soon! after a bit of effort, i had fm08 running with tonnes badges and player pics! makes a big difference i think!

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    Don't quote me on this, but a few days ago there was a thread similar to this and someone mentioned that because the skins are similar it would be possible to use grpahic packs from FM08 in FM09. Not 100% sure about that, and even if it's not the case, i'm sure fansites all over the net will have loads of packs available within days/hours of release.

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