Right then it's time to kick this off.

12 teams have been selected and will compete against each other over a total of 10 seasons. (20 if I feel there has been enough interest) As the seasons proceed
hopefully group rivalries will emerge as Bandits, Pirates and Merchants alike compete for individual and team success.

So I suppose you'll all be wanting to see the teams? Well I don't like to dissapoint so here you go:

The Bandits

Weeeman27bob - Brargentina
Jod123 - Team Ireland FC
Roberto922 - The Multiple Scorgasms FC
Jayatsena - Pandawa Lima Football Groups

The Pirates

Adam C - El Galacticos
Antfm08 - Shiny New Team
Uusinjsh - FK Kekava
The Lambs - Alpha Males

The Merchants

Viperk1 - Dewsbury Athletic
El Sid - The Merchants
DantheMan - FC Mersey
Haowan - All Star Galacticos

I don't have access to anything that I can use to post the screenies (This PC Doesn't even have paint ffs!) so until I get home that'll have to do, I'm getting home tomorrow so you won't have to wait long.