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Thread: Having a problem with FM on Linux? READ HERE FIRST

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    Default Having a problem with FM on Linux? READ HERE FIRST


    This weekend I spent a lot of time in an attempt to reproduce, and then solve the issue of "black pitch"/textures on Linux.
    My own tests validated that the issue can occur without unsuitable outdated drivers, and we are aware that setting system region can cause this issue.

    Please note, regarding drivers - Even if they work with other Steam games we cannot guarantee that they are suitable drivers for FM.

    You may also be able to solve your problem by setting your region to English, or trying the below in the meantime. We're currently working on a fix for the system region problem.

    What can I do if I am experiencing this problem?

    1. Delete ".local/share/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/Caches/" and set launch options for FM to "LC_ALL=C %command%"
    2. Try replacing lighting_cache.skc with this file (Credit to Tux)
    2. Change your drivers. Make sure you restart your computer when you change drivers.
    3. Clear your cache and preferences before booting the game after each driver change:
    4. Failing this, try a re-install of your Operating System and install ONLY the recommended drivers given to you by STEAM.

    Please note that we only support Ubuntu 12.04LTS
    Seek help from your distribution community/wiki for any driver related issues with ANY Steam title - Steam and Football Manager currently only support Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

    If you've tried all of the above and are running Ubuntu 12.04LTS, please open a new thread

    We cannot guarantee or take responsibility if you are running Football Manager on a unsupported Distribution of Linux, and you are suffering issues with the 3D match engine. It is supported on Ubuntu 12.04LTS.

    Thank you all for raising your reports, and do be aware that if you are unable to find a workaround for your issue, you should still be able to run the game in 2D.

    Thank you.

    [edit = I've cleared up the thread. Please post a separate thread for anything else. We are working on a solution for the above issue which we've discovered are either driver related or system region related]
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