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Thread: Need work permit help!

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    Question Need work permit help!

    When Pogrebnyaks contract ran out at the end of 2012, I trie to sign him on a free, but he can't get a work permit. Why not? He did in real life... I don't understand how work permits work.

    I also tried to sign Freddy Guarin, and although the scout report said I wouldn't get a work permit, I did.

    Please someone help me with work permits, and is there any way I can get one for Pogrebnyak?

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    In the UK, to qualify for a work permit a player needs to have played in 75% of his country's internationals over the past 2 years. Also, that country needs to be ranked in the top 70 (which I'd assume Russia still are at end of 2012!), so I guess Pogrebnyak hasn't been playing enough for Russia.

    Then, if a player doesn't qualify, you can appeal and a work permit can be awarded - I'm not sure what the criteria for this is, but I'd imagine in real life it's about proving the player would be a valuable asset or something along those lines.

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