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Thread: Options - Making the game easier or harder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie McMahon\'s Secret Lover View Post
    Really? That suggests your knowledge of staff isn't that good either.

    Leave you assistant to organise pre-season freindlies and leave him to play the games. Then come back and let me know just how many players lack match fitness.

    Now try it with an AssMan with 20s in all areas. Result - exactly the same!!!
    In my clan we leave our assistant to handle all friendlies & I am yet to have any problem with players lacking match fitness when the season starts, all you need to do is add in a couple of extra matches.

    As with everything in FM there are ways to make the game easier or harder but then again based on your OP you're not after an easier game, just a quicker one.

    You could always buy a top end PC to help speed things along or load less leagues to ease the processing time.
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    i play my games but let the staff pick the team on team select screen in the game itself, in teh frinedlys there is usualy some rotation doing it this way.

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    Staff have always been poor on FM.

    There is a difference between what they actually do and what you think they do..

    In my last experiment the season started with 4 players severley lacking match fitness having left the assman to friendlies (team selection and organising). Why would you have to add friendles? Isn't he good enough being a Premier League Assistant? No. It's just poor programming.

    So checking back on team selection what does he do? Yep that's right he likes to field players from my U18s who might one day make Conference level whilst leaving my unfit internationals out altogether.

    Staff are seriously flawed in soooo many ways.

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