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Thread: How To Get Condition Back to 100?

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    Default How To Get Condition Back to 100?

    hi guys, I have just taken the job at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia towards the end of the season, nearly every outfield player's condition is below 60%, when the season finished, I rested all players for a week, no change, now, 2 months after the season finished, still the same, the new season starts in a few months and I need the players condition's to go up, please help, how do I do it?

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    If they're not in training, then condition is basically meaningless (They might even be on their holiday). Some stage before your next season starts, they'll come back into training and their condition will climb up. This is the pre-season and it's where your players will get their condition up to where it should be. Before the league starts, you should arrange some friendlies to get your players match fit (Or get your assistant to arrange them) because if they're not match fit, their condition will probably max out in the early to mid 90s.

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