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Thread: Disallowed due to opposing player offside

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    Default Disallowed due to opposing player offside

    Hello there.
    Just a few minutes ago I was playing fmh when my player, Bamba scored a goal. But the it was disallowed. I had a look, and it said Alexander was offside. Confuse as there was no player with such name in my team, I went and looked at Chelsea's team, and there was a player called Alexander.

    I'd be happy to give you my save, though I'll have to give you it in a week as I'm in Portugal on holiday at the moment.

    Not sure why it occurred, I have a picture but can't upload yet as I'm in holiday.

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    This is probably an error in the commentary that's causing it to show a wrong name, annoying I know - sorry. Will have a look on Monday to see if we've got this specific error already under review and if not I'll put it on the list.

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