So this is going to be half rant and half serious, I was beaten in a Europa League final in the last minute of extra time by a player who was on 36% condition skinning my right back for pace hooking in a cross to the striker who nods it in.

I was watching this player all game because he was just coming back from injury and started on about 75%, by half time he was below 50% but to my surprise the AI kept him on, made three other subs and left him out there to play extra time, which he started on 43%. For the whole game he was about 20% lower in condition than my right back, but he dribbled past him all day long with ease.

Yes he did have better acceleration and pace, so I can see why he might have the beating of my full back sometimes, but when he's half dead he shouldn't be merrily playing along with a spring in his step.

Can anyone show me examples of where low condition like this has actually hampered a player's performance visibly and/or statistically? Or is it completely meaningless to the match engine?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm not suggesting (yet) that it's a bug though.