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    hi,i've not yet started playing this game but i plan on doing so,i once just tried it and i liked it but didnt continue playing it.everyone seems to be choosing really small clubs like bury,etc.some even creat their own custome squads.why is this so? whats the major reason? please tell. i think i've never seen anyone managing a big club :/

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    some people do manage big teams for exmaple im currently playing a chelsea save trying to get rid of all thier old players and recreate a new youthful squad

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    oh,but why do most people start with really small ones?just for fun? like to just make profits and make them one of the best gradually?

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    Personally I prefer playing with smaller clubs as I can just about convince myself that some randomer who was carp at Sunday League level football would somehow get the managers job. Every time I start with a big club I find the suspension of disbelieve difficult to maintain and lose interest in the save. I guess I just like having a degree of realism in my games.

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    Default thats the ain reason,ppl just want it to be interesting,to succeed with small teams and bring good players to them thanks

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    Never seen anyone using a big team? Have a look in the tactics forum. It's full of "I have a great tactic" whilst using the biggest club in the League

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