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    Hi, i know that on the pc version you can enable the German national team by deleting a few fake files. Is it possible to do this on the iphone version using ifile?



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    No it is not.

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    Unfortunately it is not, at least for the moment.

    The biggest reason for that is the fact that you would need the source code to make any changes, and mobile apps are very different from psp and pc.
    the source code and other files in the game's source folder were zipped and created into one file for each mobile platform it is currently available on (only Android and iOS at the moment). ex. all files were turned into on .ipa doc for the iOS version , and .apk for Android. I know this because I've created my own apps and uploaded my files to phonegap, which is a service that builds a version of your app for each major platform (except for iOS as you need a mac to compile all the files and get a signature etc from apple).

    So you can see why it's impossible to edit any of the files directly, although it may be possible for SI to create an in-game editor of some sort that would allow you to make changes to the database, although I don't think you would be able to delete a specific file in the game...

    Sorry for the long explanation lol

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