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Thread: set player values, work permit solutions

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    Default set player values, work permit solutions

    hi im playing fmh 2012 using dartford now im in league 2,
    1. i have buy many player price 1k how can i set price for that player if other big club want to buy him...
    ex: messi valued 1k, but i want to set messi valued 1m
    2. i buy 16y.o and 21y.o player from africa but the deals always failed because work permit.. is that imposible buy africa player if im play only in league 2?
    can anyone help me?

    sorry for my english...

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    Number 2 - I think they are under the age limit of young african dudes

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    To sign players from certain countries/continents for English clubs they require work permits - there are hard to get unless the player in question has a decent reputation and more frequently is part of an international squad.

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