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Thread: Please help! Unrealistic Transfer Toggle Option

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    Default Please help! Unrealistic Transfer Toggle Option

    Ok, ill try and be as descriptive as possible. You know how on the "search" page where you can search for players there is a toggle option on the right hand side that says "Hide Unrealistic Transfers", well on my save it used to be checked but i accidently clicked something and how it is not checked. When I try and check the option, it wont let me, infact it wont let me do any of the top 4, the only one it lets me check is the last one that says hide current team players. Please someone tell me how to hide unrealistic options because im with a very small team and now it takes forever finding the right players.

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    Did you sack your assistant manager? He's the one who filters out unrealistic signings, so without someone in that role you won't be able to hide them.

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    thanks, his contract expired, didnt realize it.

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