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Thread: "Spirited" players with "okay" morale all the time?

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    Default "Spirited" players with "okay" morale all the time?

    I am in my fifth season with southampton in the premier league and two of my players have okay morale all the time even though most of the team has a lot better morale. these two (jack collison and tiote) are playing regularly and their personality is described as spirited. I am first in the table at the moment and going through a good run but their morale seems to be stuck at okay no matter what I say to them! anyone encounter this before? Am I doing something wrong?

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    Weirdly enough I've noticed this as well. In my current game, I have one player who is spirited, yet his morale is almost always one or two steps below that of the rest of the team. Straight after a win perhaps his morale might be higher, but by the time the next game rolls around, he's usually back on Okay at best while most other first team players are at least at Good. It could have something to do with team talks or other interactions, but I'd be interested to see if other people have noticed this either.

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