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    Anyone had problems with players not wanting to renew a contract because they think you cannot afford their wages and they then sign for another club on a lot less money.

    John Terry said that the club (Chelsea) couldn't afford his wages, I was able to offer about 150,000 but apparently this wasn't enough, his contract ran out and he was released. Just checked and he signed for Cardiff and on a massive contract of 14,000!

    I was playing the relegation savior challenge and had failed, but got promoted again. The contract expired having finished 2nd in the Premier League, I don't think the teams reputation was too bad a I managed to sign Neymar fine.

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    This has been reported on several occasions. I know I've had issues with this. I think the developers are aware. Hopefully a fix is in place for the next update.

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    I'm continually tweaking this side of things - if you've a save game with an example then this will help ensure that things continue to improve in this area (my email is if you have one available).

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