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Thread: Team going down in a heap of injuries: How do I stop this?

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    Default Team going down in a heap of injuries: How do I stop this?

    Ok last game was ridiculous, I had 3 injury substitutions and then two of the subs who came on got injured, this wound up with me ending the game with 9 men.

    2 of those injuries are long term, 2 months long. Before that, my backup striker and AMC went down for 2 months.

    It's 2015, I never had injury problems like this before. It's october and I did my usual preseason routine of conditioning and they currently have light position training.

    What can I do to prevent all these injuries? My squad is not exactly huge-perhaps I need to rotate more?

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    Guess you only get one chance in life to play a song that goes like this.


    Careful pre-season training. Don't push them too hard, but also don't push them too softly.

    Lower the tempo of your tactics, have them pressing/closing down less until you bring in players who can handle the extra wear and tear this causes.

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    I had an injury-ridden season just recently. I attribute it more to teams doing ONLY hard tackling against my side, at least, thats what I think is happening!

    Broken legs, broken feet, knee tendonitis, it was a nightmare. But the season still went very well, as the squad is deep, and although it was the veterans (and first choice) that got injured the up-and-coming youngsters were good enough for first team playing time.

    Now when I have a game like that, and notice the ref isn't doing much in the way of giving the opposition cards I switch my teams tackling to Hard as well! And target their low condition players! Back at ya, AI!

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    You will recover your health and expect to take games on a significant role.

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    Get better physios, reduce training workload. Don't play players with under 90 condition and Sub them off when they pick up a knock

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