Pumped up by Euro 2012 fever, and no doubt inspired by Crouchaldinho's Roy Crouchson story as well, I’ve found the duty to defend my national team’s colors too by managing them in FM. I do have a good Football Manager CV with Portugal having led them to World Cup 2030 glory in FM2011 but have gone for something a little different here. Competing in the Euros, the World Cup, the qualifiers for both competitions, isn’t enough. If I’m going to have a full-time job as an international manager I want more games to play with.

Hence a new tournament was born: the FIFA World Knockout Trophy. Straight single-leg knockout cup format, yearly ran, all 208 FIFA national teams in it. Completely fantasy of course, but hopefully very exciting. You can download it here.

As per Roy Crouchson’s rules, I will pick players that are good for me in FM not the best players in real life. I’ve had a quick look at my possible picks and the difference to reality is incredible. No way I’d ever select a lot of these guys for real!

This is a side-project merely for fun hence I don’t expect to write as much as in my regular journeyman career – it will be more based on screenshots. Let the games begin.