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Thread: advice for a good career

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    Default advice for a good career

    Hi, I apologize for my bad English .... I have not found a section where you could ask for advice on how to start new careers, which teams use etc. ..... well if I'm wrong move topic

    I have no special teams, but I like the anecdotes that make the team unique, beautiful or that has stories to be heard ..... here, I'm interested teams with something extra, the curiosity that makes love, that makes them special, not interest me the money and the rich teams

    Advise if you would rather be unemployed starting ...... some weird league rules, or organized in a crazy way ...... or maybe the leagues where there is almost never goes in the stories (preferably already in the db)

    everything is now up to you advise me

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    Going by what your saying, you want to do something interesting, so go to that thread

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    You're probably better off posting in this forum, actually, which is specifically set up for career games.

    There's plenty of interesting ideas floating around there, in terms of journeyman careers, one-club careers, small clubs, etc. Just have a look around and see which kind of game takes your fancy.

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