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Thread: Polska's journey to the top!

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    Default Polska's journey to the top!

    Warta Poznan!

    The Aim: To be the best team in Poland and hopefully break into Europe. I will also try and raise the reputation of the Polish leagues and national team. I will be trying to whizz through the seasons as quickly as possible so most games will be on just commentary as this project will take a fair few seasons to make progress in. I have loaded most of the key European leagues with about half of these being on view only. Anyway meet Mad Dog manager of Warta Poznan!

    Who are they? Warta Poznan play in the second tier of Polish football and are predicted by the media to finish 8th, in real life for the 11/12 season they finished 10th. Wikipedia will fill you in on the rest - Warta Poznań is a football club based in Poznań, Poland. Founded in 1912, the club are two-time winners of the Polish Football Championship, in 1929 and 1947, but currently reside in the Polish First League. The name means the Guard in Polish and also a name of river Warta on which Poznań is located. The club also played in second level between 1951-1952 (2 seasons), 1956-1960 (5 seasons), 1970-1971, 1973-1975, 1977-1979, 1991-1993, 1995-1996, 1997-1998 and since 2007. They played in the top level last between 1993-1995.

    Squad: All Polish! Will try and get some foreigners in as they will perhaps have more talent than the locals.

    Here is our team report.

    Here are he loanees already at the club.

    Club information

    STAR MAN Seems very good for this level

    Current staff Will try and bring in a few of my own I expect.

    Tactic Will try this out for now, it is a 442 diamond. Might change it if success doesnt follow with it. I will add a 5-2-2-1 for backup against stronger sides.

    Now finally,
    Board expectations- Top Half

    My expectations - Top half, but I do have an inclination we can slightly outdo this.

    I will do a pre-season update, mid season update and an end of season update for each season, let me know if you like the layout or if I should change it somehow, thanks!
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