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Thread: How much did you pay for your team 2

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    Default How much did you pay for your team 2

    I started the same thread last year and it was reasonably successful despite being dead now, so here it is again.

    It's basically about what it says on the tin: what are the transfer fees you paid when buying your current first team squad.

    Players in the youth or reserve team don't count and players that have come through your academy count as being free. Just post the team name, the position the players play in and the fee. Extra details like player names, screenshots and dates are welcome but not necessary. For players bought before you took over it's the fee that was paid by the real life/previous management.

    Here's mine from my current Roma save in January 2014:

    Position, Name, Fee, Current Value

    GK Stekelenburg - £10.5M (undisclosed, so I took his current ingame value) - £10.5M
    RB Bandalovski - £1.1M - £1.9M
    CB Kara - £1M - £6.5M
    CB Astori - FREE - £10.25M
    LB Jose Angel - £3.9M - £7.5M
    CM De Rossi - FREE - £9M
    CM Bertolacci - FREE - £2.5M
    RW Gaitan - £2.5M - £2.8M
    AM Pjanic - £9.5M - £5.25M
    LW Lamela - £10.25M - £6.25M
    ST Bendtner - £2.7M - £3.2M
    S1 Gonzales - £875k - £875k
    S2 Douglas - £5.5M - £3.5M
    S3 Simunac - £450k - £675k
    S4 Muniesa - FREE - £2.9M
    S5 Boyata - £2.4M - £2.5M
    S6 Brighi - £11M - £1.4M
    S7 Pizarro - FREE - £1.9M
    S8 Labyad - FREE - £4.6M
    S9 Ait Fana - FREE - £5.75M
    S10 Villanueva - £500k - £1.3M

    Total Paid: £62.175M Average: £2.96M
    Current Value Total: £91.05M Average: £4.34M
    Lost/Gained Total: Gained £28.875M

    Pretty much in line with what I expected since I was forced into bargain hunting from the start of the game due to the lack of money at the club. The transfer fees paid out by the previous management inflate the total quite a bit, but it's not bad for a team that is currently topping the Serie A by eleven points with a game in hand. I think in the future there will be larger fees as I strengthen the team, though with a policy aimed at bringing through youngsters there will also be huge fee/value disparities if they come good.

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    Since I have almost only regens on my team, I give current value as well (in brackets):

    Bradford, 2023

    GK. Chanda Chewe, £3,5m from Hajduk (22m)
    DR. Romário, £4m from América(MG) (24,5m)
    DCR. Alex Asiedu, £8m from Vitesse (22m)
    DCL. Xaropinho, £22,5m from Toulouse (21,5)
    DL. Christian Delgado, £5m from Newell's (26,5)
    DMCR. Colin Walton, £9,25m from Stoke (31,5)
    DMCL. Gilton, £1,35m from Cruzeiro (31)
    AMR. Mauro Coccia, £6,5m from Fiorentina (35,5)
    AML. Dariusz Wisniewski, £650k from Ruch Chorzov (22,5)
    SCR. Sebastian Zimmermann, £13,5m from PSV (32)
    SCL. Rondinelli, £30m from Valenciennes (34)
    Sub1. SC Rafael Zaitsev, £14,25m from CSKA Moscow (29)
    Sub2. AMR Esteban Cantoro, £4m from Pachuco (13)
    Sub3. AML Íñigo Mendizábal, £110k from Alávez (25)
    Sub4. DMC Dritan Lici, £4m from Schalke (13,25)
    Sub5. DR Sjoerd de Munnik, £7,5m from Utrecht (6)
    Sub6. DL/DMC Johann le Breton, £8m from Stade Rennais (10)
    Sub7. DC Pedro Rodríguez, £1,5m from Real Sociedad (15)

    Total transfer fee: £143m
    Total value: £414m
    Difference: £271m
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    Here's mine from 2021 with Aston Villa

    GK- Rodolfo Saric - Free- £13.5m
    RB- Paqueta- £2.1m- £5.5m
    CB- Sahin Gokce- Free- £6.25m
    CB- Pereira- £2.1m- £9m
    LB- Rodolfo Dietrich- £15m- £14.5m
    RM- Ignazio Di Maria- £2.1m- £7.75
    CM- Gylfi Sigurdsson- £9.5m- £7.75m
    CM- Fabian Delph- £6m- £3.6m
    LM- Christoph Baier- £13m- £16m
    ST- John Reed- £7m- £9.25m
    ST- Mbaye Niang- £2.3m- £21.5m
    Sub 1- Chris Bosma- £1.8m- £2.4m
    Sub 2- Ciaran Clark- Free- £3m
    Sub 3- Marc Albrighton- Free- £1.6m
    Sub 4- Apraham Sosa- £5m- £7.25m
    Sub 5- Alejandro Salas- £6.25m- £6.25m
    Sub 6- Matej Boban- Free- £1.6m
    Sub 7- Rod Flynn- Free- £4.7m
    Sub 8- Harry Askey- Free- £4.2m
    Sub 9- Niltinho- £1.3m- £5.5m
    Sub 10- Damian Rocha- £1.7m- £1.7m
    Sub 11- Esteban Rasic- £1m- £3.1m

    Total expenditure= £76.15m
    Current total= £155.9m
    Difference= +£79.75m

    Not too bad I suppose but I have had most of them players since they were in their late teens/ early twenties and won nothing much apart from the FA Cup a few times until 2 seasons ago when I finally won the Premier League and have now won it twice in 2 years

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    Gloucester, FM 2011, year 2020. We're 6th in the Premiership (2nd season) and will finish either 5th or 6th. We have just won the League Cup.

    Position	Name			Signed for	Value		Other
    Gk		Jan Mucha		Free		170,000	
    Gk		Johnny Tuffey		Free		240,000	
    DRLC		Tom Lancashire		300,000		850,000		Regen
    DRL		Moustapha Toure		40,000		2,200,000	Regen
    DL		Wayne West		Free		1,500,000	Regen
    DLC		Nemanja Pejcinovic	4,800,000	1,500,000	
    DRC		Nenad Tomovic		Free		1,600,000	
    DRLC/DM		Charlie Lee		Free		80,000	
    DC		Jon Stringer		600,000		1,900,000	Regen
    DC/DM		Javi Garcia		Free		1,400,000	
    DM/MC		Ferdi Egberts		Free		2,000,000	Regen
    DM/MC		Lorenzo Borello		Free		2,200,000	Regen
    DM/MC		Ognjen Vukojevic	Free		65,000	
    DM/MC		Franco Razzotti		Free		65,000	
    DM/MC		Billy Traynor		Free		1,400,000	Regen
    DM/MC		Henrik Christensen	Free		825,000		Regen
    MC		Benogo Drogba		750,000		3,500,000	Regen
    MC/AM/ST	Krisztian Adorjan	Free		5,250,000	
    MC/AM/ST	Colin Olivieri		1,200,000	3,900,000	Regen
    AM/ST		Aboubacar Dias		13,500,000	5,500,000	Regen
    ST		Luke Harding		500,000		3,100,000	Regen
    ST		Gregory Lafourcade	2,200,000	3,200,000	Regen
    ST		Bjarte Magnussen	250,000		2,700,000	Regen
    Transfer fees paid: 24,140,000
    Player values: 45,145,000
    Difference: 21,005,000

    All players signed by me (Gloucester start in the BSN).

    Apart from Adorjan (27), all non-regens are 30+ (Mucha is the oldest at 37, Vukojevic the oldest outfield player at 36), hence the low values of many of them.

    Aboubacar Dias is a 21 year old wonderkid; the 5,500,000 valuation is a joke really. He's got 25 yth caps and 32 yth goals. Every big team in Europe is interested in signing him.

    I've only listed the positions I play the players in, not all their positions.

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    Using Man City and forgetting some of the subs....

    GK: Hart (Already there)
    DR: Richards (Already there) Wagener (Regen) (£5M)
    DCs: Kompany (Already there), Hummels (£19.75M), Weekes (£21M), hangeland (£15M) (still there), McShane (£5.75M),
    DL: Criscito (£22M), Clichy (Already there)
    DM: de Jong (Already there), Abu (Already there), Medel (5.25M)
    MC: Toure (Already there), Poli (£7M)
    AMR: Milner (Already there), Deulofeu (£10M :o )
    AML: Johnson (Already there), di Maria (£17.75M)
    AMC: Silva, Aguero, Denis Suarez (Already there),
    ST: Damiao (£36M), Helcinho (£3.7M), Edwards (Youth team)

    Lots obviously

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    AD Parla 2024/25 (Liga BBVA Runners-up)

    | Pos | Name                |  Fee   | Value  |
    |  GK | Dario Zaragoza      |  Free  | €4.30M | 
    |  RB | Soren Ostergaard    |  Free  | €3.00M |
    |  CB | Kevin de Man        | €5.25M | €8.25M |
    |  CB | Juan Carlos Sanchez |  Free  | €8.50M |
    |  LB | Zdenek Moravec      | €0.40M | €4.70M |
    |  CM | Ercan Yildirim      |  Free  | €4.00M |
    |  CM | Bife                | €1.30M | €3.30M |
    |  RW | Besik Gabelia       | €0.14M | €2.80M |
    |  AM | Christophe Legendre |  Free  | €2.70M |
    |  LW | John Keiffer        | €2.00M | €2.60M |
    |  ST | Jesus Montiquin     | €1.30M | €2.20M |
    |  S1 | Ramzan Voronov      |  Free  | €0.55M |
    |  S2 | Mehmet Comaktekin   | €1.70M | €2.10M |
    |  S3 | Liam Parry          |  Free  | €4.70M |
    |  S4 | Phil Wills          |  Free  | €2.00M | 
    |  S5 | Andrey Agapov       | €5.75M | €5.25M |
    |  S6 | Stephane Ireke      | €4.50M | €4.80M |
    |  S7 | Giulliano Lori      |  Free  | €1.50M |
    |  S8 | Ondrej Linhart      |  €65k  | €3.30M |
    |  S9 | Antonio Jesus Sola  | €9.00M | €9.00M |
    | S10 | Jacques Nangis      | €1.90M | €1.60M |
    | S11 | Amirudin Delalic    | €1.20M | €2.90M |
    Total Paid:  €34.505M Average: €1.57M
    Total Value: €83.050M Average: €3.78M 
    Total Gain:  €48.545M Average: €2.21M
    Well I have to say I am surprised at how little I actually spent on my starting XI, even since de Man knocked Parry out of the starting team, I only spent 10.39 million Euros on those 11 players. I have to say I have built this squad over a few years, if I had included my next eleven players there is a bit more money spent, but now that I am competing I am spending a bunch of money on the future of the club to try and guarantee our future as a top club.
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    All "newgens" or regens or whatever you call them on mine, it being 2046, team is Dundee Utd,

    GK1: £12.5m - £12.5m (surprisingly, given he's been here years now)
    DL: £1.2m - £7.25m
    DC: £7.75m - £20.5m
    DC: £1.9m - £14m
    DR: £1.6m - £11.75m
    ML: Free - £11m
    DM/MC: £8.25m - £10.75m
    MC: £8.75m - £14.25m
    MR: £6m - £5.25m
    ST: £120k - £20.5m
    ST: £9.5m - £15m

    Rest of first team (I rotate a lot..).

    GK: £1.4m - £1.3m
    DRL: £9m - £7.5m
    DLC: Free - £5.25m
    DC: £550k - £6.25m
    DC: £5.5m - £5.5m
    DC: £7.5m - £7.5m
    DR: £1.1m - £4.7m
    D/ML: £6.75m - £9m
    DM/MC: £700k - £4.6m
    DM/MC: £1.8m - £1.8m
    MR: £45k - £2.4m
    MRC: £2.9m - £4.6m
    ML: £4m - £4.2m
    MC - £750k - £5.25m
    ST: £1.3m - £3.5m
    ST: £1.1m - £6m
    ST: 800k - £1.4m
    ST: £4m - £1.4m

    First 11 - £57.57m cost, £142.75m Value
    First 11 average per-player: £5.25m spent, £12.98m Value
    Squad players: £45.2m spent, £80.75m Value

    Total: £107.76m spent, £223.5m Value
    Total average per-player: £3.68m Spent, £7.76m Value

    Money's been tight at times, so I've really had to wheeler deal, some of these players I've just bought, but I've sold far more than their cost and got good years out of them. Tis an Fm2011 save I'm afraid though, but I don't have a nearly as advanced Fm2012 save.
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    Our integrity sells for so little, but it's all that we really have. It is the very last inch of us


    gk  Jose Antonio Garcia     £37.50m
    rb  Asier Martin            £17.75m
    cb  Mickhail Schukin        £90.00m
    cb  Arik Mordechai          £09.00m
    lb  Alessandro Ravoncoli    £36.00m
    cm  Gregorio Galvan         £92.00m
    cm  Aloys Mbiakop           £18.75m
    amr Neymar                  £68.00m
    amc Jaques Tshabalala       £52.00m  
    aml Toma Lazarevic          £40.00m
    st  Mejdi Mogaadi           £03.00m
    Man City in season 2021, all newgens apart from Neymar.

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    This is the first team squad with which I completed Gundo's European Challenge in 2025 as Sprimont of Belgium. All players are regens. Most players were bought at age 17 or 18 to ensure homegrown status for the Belgian league and Europe.

    Player                   Position      Signed on  Transfer details                      Played Assists Goals MoM
    Ruben Sanchez            GK            1/7/2018   £100k from Bella Vista                364    0       0     6
    Abzal Ul'shin            GK            1/7/2018   Free (released by Bayern Munich)      60     0       0     0
    Johan Borup              DRLC          3/1/2017   Free (released by Midtjylland)        280    18      24    8
    Klaus Thiesen            DRL WBR DM    9/1/2024   £1.9M from Mainz                      52     2       0     0
    Regis Tessier            DRL WBL       31/7/2022  £5M from Olympique Lyonnais           99     9       0     1
    Donny Dekkers            DC            7/7/2020   £2M from Feyenoord                    189    17      78    17
    Cas Willems              DC            13/7/2021  £1.1M from AZ Alkmaar                 113    7       31    6
    Carlos Fernandez Jimenez DC            1/7/2024   Free (released by Barcelona)          32     5       16    3
    Santiago Jesus           DC            1/1/2024   £10k from FCB Juniors Lujan           43     1       4     0
    Lorenzo Lamboley         DC DM MC      1/7/2019   Free from FC Sochaux                  163    32      18    2
    Remi Decroix             DL WBL DM MLC 16/8/2022  £1.6M from RC Lens                    100    15      0     0
    Manuel Buzaglo           DM MC         11/8/2018  £1.6M from Velez                      192    99      45    12
    Toquinho                 MR AMRL       1/7/2022   £5M from Watford                      67     54      19    4
    Baptiste Guillot         MLC AMRL      6/7/2019   £1.8M from FC Nantes                  181    92      41    7
    Ousmane Traore           MC            1/7/2019   £7M from Havre AC                     186    41      19    3
    Norberto Maciel          MC            1/1/2020   £1.3M from Velez                      160    79      10    5
    Ando Avisoa              M/AMRL        23/10/2019 Free (released by Olympique Lyonnais) 104    55      34    7
    Josue Garcia             AM RLC        5/7/2021   £4.5M from Sevilla                    129    82      58    16
    Ghiles Mazari            AMC ST        5/7/2015   Free (released by STVV)               378    119     400   96
    Dmitry Romanenkov        AMC ST        12/1/2025  £1.3M from Krasnodar                  13     10      9     1
    Francisco Fernandez      ST            1/1/2019   £30k from FCB Juniors Lujan           284    131     299   69
    Jan Bungert              ST            1/1/2022   £1.7M from Dortmund                   108    50      90    15
    Je                       ST            1/1/2023   £2.6M from Santos                     46     32      29    8

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    Basingstoke 2023/2024

    Position - Name (Nationality) - Fee paid (Club bought from) - Current value

    GK: N'Faly Konate (GER) - £4.5m (Greuther Furth) - £19.25m
    RB: Fraser Davies (ENG) - £300k (Crewe Alexandra) - £28m
    CB: Ryan Burdett (ENG) - £0 - Youth Graduate - £17.25m
    CB: Marcelo Acuna (ARG) - £15m (All Boys) - £29.5m
    LB: Carlos Martin (ESP) - £2m (Rayo Vallecano) - £23m
    CM: Eren Tosun (TUR) - £6.5m (Borussia Monchengladbach) - £30m
    CM: Tolga Akdag (FRA) - £2m (FC Metz) - £29m
    CM: Junior (BRA) - £1.4m (Santos) - £4.8m
    AMC: Christophe Mafrici (FRA) - £5m (Stade Rennais) - £33.5m
    ST: Dmitry Kruchin (RUS) - £25m (Zenit St. Petersburg) - £35.5m
    ST: Ricky Blonbou (FRA) - £0 Free Transfer (Stade Rennais) £36m

    Total: (Paid) £76.7m (Current Value) £285.8m


    GK: Andre Ravina (MRI) - £0 Free Transfer (Genk) - £4.3m
    CB: Aldo Cardone (ITA) - £4.8m (Internazionale) - £10.25m
    FB: Amr El Sayed (EGY) - £5.5m (Etoile du Sahel) - £15m
    CM: Greg Jones (ENG) - £0 Youth Graduate - £8.5m
    CM: Cigarrinha (BRA) - £9.75m (Manchester United) - £16.5m
    AMC: Nicky Kelly (ENG) - £0 Youth Graduate - £9.25m
    ST: Gerardo Di Lorenzo (ITA) - £7.5m (Parma) - £9.5m

    Total: (Paid) £27.55m (Current Value) £51m

    Total First XI + Subs (Paid) £104.25m (Current Value) £336.8m

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    Luch-Energia Vladivostok - March 2018

    Position Name Nation Age Cost Previous Club Year joined Current Value
    GK Evgeny Gorodov Russia 32 Free Krasnodar 2014 £600k
    GK Alexey Solosin Russia 30 £110k Sibir 2012 £1m
    DC/DR Anatoly Titov Russia 21 £6.25m Krylja Sovetov 2016 £5m Regen
    DR Alexandr Pagaev Russia 20 £750k Tom 2017 £1.3m Regen
    DL/DM/MC Vadim Gagloev Russia 29 £325k SKA-Khabarovsk 2016 £1.7m
    DC Igor Klimov Russia 28 £1m Sibir 2013 £2.6m
    DC Denis Matveenko Belarus 25 £600k Gomel (Belarus) 2013 £5.5m Regen
    DC/DM Ivan Baranov Russia 20 Free CSKA Moscow 2016 £2.3m Regen
    DC/DM Igor Matveenko Belarus 23 £40k Gomel (Belarus) 2013 £5m Regen
    CD/DM Maxim Mukhanov Russia 21 Free Dinamo Moscow 2015 £4.7m Regen
    DR/DL Anry Khagush Russia 31 Free Rubin 2013 £130k
    DR/DL Evgeny Makeev Russia 28 £2.1m Marseille (France) 2017 £3.9m
    DR/DL Mahmadnaim Sharifi Russia 25 Free Kapfenburger (Austria) 2012 £2.9m
    DM/CM Claudiu Marcu Romania 22 Free U Cluj (Romania) 2014 £2.8m Regen
    M/AM RLC Mikhail Afanasiev Belarus 31 £275k Cercle Brugge (Belgium) 2013 £325k
    M/AM RLC Oleg Shatov Russia 27 Free Volga NN 2017 £4.4m
    CM/AM/RM/LM Georgy Golubev Russia 21 Free Gazovik Oreburg 2014 £6.5m Regen
    AMR/ST Milan Bubalo Serbia 27 £650k Hajduk Kula (Serbia) 2013 £1.3m
    CM/AM Marko Pavlovski Serbia 24 £1.5m Grasshoppers (Switzerland) 2016 £4.4m
    CM/AM Lapa Brazil 18 £1.8m Santos (Brazil) 2017 £1.8m Regen
    AM R/L Lazar Markovic Serbia 24 £2.1m Dinamo Bucharest (Romania) 2013 £5.75m
    AMR/ST George Babayaro Nigeria 22 £70k Enyimba (Nigeria) 2016 £6.75m Regen
    AM/CM Pavel Polyakov Russia 21 £45k Oktan 2014 £2.8m Regen
    ST Vladimir Dyadyun Russia 29 Free Rubin 2014 £850k
    ST Evgeny Timofeev Russia 20 Free Salyur Belgorod 2013 £2.8m Regen
    ST/AML Bogdan Nicolae Romania 22 Free UTA Arad (Romania) 2013 £8.25m Regen
    My squad cost £17.6m, and is now worth £85.3m. That's a difference of £67.7m. The average age is 24.6, and on average my players signed in 2014/15.

    We're the current Russian champions, and have won the Russian Cup and Russian Super Cup as well. I still have 4 players who are left from the 1st Division days (We were promoted in 2013), and a significant number were signed upon promotion.

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    Dafuge '14 - Whitby Town (Leonix on Steam)


    Kendal Town
    March 2023

    Position Name Nation Age Cost Previous Club Year joined Current Value
    GK Remco Artz Netherlands 21 £4.8m Torino 2020 £6.25m
    GK Gabin Bertrand France 17 £1.5m Auxerre 2021 £925k
    GK Juan Carlos Torres Spain 17 £2.6m Athletic Bilbao 2021 £1.3m
    D (RL) Julen Ormaetxea Spain 19 £500k Athletic Bilbao 2019 £4.7m
    D (RC) Emiliano Correa Martinique 17 £1.2m PSG 2022 £2.3m
    D (R) Franck Simon France 19 £2.9m Lyon 2022 £3m
    D (L) Kingsley Bolland England 25 Free N/A 2013 £17.5m
    D (L) Laurent Lacrouts France 18 £1.2m Nantes 2021 £3.6m
    D (C) Manuel Menéndez Spain 20 £2.2m Lyon 2021 £4.3m
    D (C) Bruno Petricevic Croatia 20 £1.1m Leicester 2021 £4.8m
    D (C) Matty Gray England 18 £525k Wolves 2021 £4m
    D (C) João Costa Portugal 17 £925k Guimar 2013 £3m
    D/WB (R) Rusian Minenko Russia 18 £600k Lokomotiv Moscow 2022 £2.5m
    D/WB (L) Erick Manuel Nolasco Honduras 20 £2m Toronto 2023 £2m
    DM/M (C) Benoit Deschamps France 22 £24k Colwyn Bay 2022 £775k
    DM/M (C) Bui Thanh Phong France 18 £2.5m Auxerre 2021 £4.3m
    DM/M (C) Pier Paulo Frau Italy 19 £1.1m Roma 2022 £2m
    DM/M (C) Vito Baresi Italy 16 £110k Varese 2022 £110k
    M (C) Ryo Ogawa Japan 20 Free Hiroshima 2021 £8.25m
    M (C) Xavier Colin France 18 £1.9m PSG 2023 £2.2m
    M/AM (LC) Juan de Dios Pozo Spain 18 £1.1m Recreativo 2021 £2.7m
    ST Juan Carlos Sanabria Paraguay 21 £1.1m Cerro Porteno 2021 £6m
    ST Jan Tschannen Portugal 16 £875k Leixoes 2021 £6.75m
    ST Juan Antonio Paz Casdelo Spain 16 £1.5m Celta 2021 £5.5m
    ST Danny de Jong Netherlands 16 £1.1m Heerenveen 2021 £3.2m
    ST Christian Drogba France 19 £2m Lyon 2022 £3.8m
    ST Brett Buttery England 17 Youth Recruit Kendal Academy 2021 £4.6m
    Total Cost: £34.25m
    Current Value: £110.25m

    High potential players with good current ability and a good tactic means we can actually win and win well. We've won the Carling Cup three times, the Premier League once and the Champions League once. Also have a Super Cup and a Club World Championship under our belt, as well as the clearly most important one in the Community Shield.
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    On the golf course


    In alphabetical order...
    (First team squad only)
    2030/1 - Newcastle Town (League One) - all regens
    Lee Arthur - youth
    Ron Berger - free from Kieve
    Enes Bijedic - £2500 from Partizan Belgrade
    Thomas Bugge - free from Portsmouth (Norway international)
    Steve Cole - youth
    Phil Davison - youth
    Tony Davison - youth
    Marc Dunning - free
    Luke Elford - £65,000 from Brentford
    Leigh Flanagan - youth
    Paul Gallagher - free from Fulham (club's record league appearances)
    Paul Giles - £20,000 from Queen of the South
    Nathan Hart - free from Arsenal
    Mathias Hellmund - loan from Bolton
    Ingo Helwig - £35,000 from Schaffhausen
    Keith Griffiths - youth, signed back from Dumbarton for £100,000
    Peter Lyle - loan from Wolves
    Leon McCoy - free from Levante
    Alistair McLean - free from Grimsby
    Jorg Muller - free from Aachen
    Matt Patton - free from Shrewsbury
    Mamadi Sene - loan from Chelsea
    Neil Short - free from Hibs
    Will Smith - free from Newcastle United
    Nikolas Stavrou - free from Anorthosi (Cyprus international)
    Dave Stokoe - free from Millwall
    Mark Talbot - free from Liverpool (club's record goalscorer)
    Adam Taylor - free from Arsenal
    Zappa Tejan-Sie - free from Utrecht (Sierra Leone international)
    Lee Wain - free from Cambridge United
    Jimmy West - youth
    Elliot Williams - free from Bristol City

    Total: £222,500
    £6953 per player (32 players)
    Free from includes players who were released by their former club.

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