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Thread: What happens in lagues when they are not loaded

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    Default What happens in lagues when they are not loaded

    Hi All

    sorry if this has been answere before, the search doesnt seem to be working and i cant find a porper response anywhere.

    i just purchased FM2012 and will start a new game later today. I have been playing FM 2010 so far

    my question is what happens to a league i dont load? i have read that you get more regens if you load the South American leagues. In my FM10 game i have not loaded the south american leagues but managed to find a couple of good regens from brazil etc and other teams in spain (whihc is loaded) have also got some regents (currently playing in 2018/2019) so my question is does it really matter if they are loaded or not?

    secondly i ahve also read that loaning out players to unloaded leagues can hamper their development. Based on this if i havent loaded the belgian league and i use a Belgian club as a workpermit feeder then the players i send there are going to have the development stunted for 2 years.

    so to summarise what is the difference between loaded, view only and unloaded leagues when it comes to regens and player development for players in those leagues.

    thanks in advance

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    loaded leagues will produce more regens and normally the nation the league is in will become better than nations without leagues loaded

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    This is all about level of detail.

    1. loaded league on "full detail"
    2. loaded league
    3. view-only league (is it possible to do this on full detail?)
    4. unloaded league

    The higher up the hierarchy, the more "correct" results and statistics, as well as transfer value and all that kind of stuff. If you loan a player out to an unloaded league, the quality of training and development is decided by the league's and club's reputation as set in the database. It will become more random, so if you are lucky your player may develop even better than if you had the league loaded. Or worse.

    It is probably a better bet to go for a league you have loaded.

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