Hi All

sorry if this has been answere before, the search doesnt seem to be working and i cant find a porper response anywhere.

i just purchased FM2012 and will start a new game later today. I have been playing FM 2010 so far

my question is what happens to a league i dont load? i have read that you get more regens if you load the South American leagues. In my FM10 game i have not loaded the south american leagues but managed to find a couple of good regens from brazil etc and other teams in spain (whihc is loaded) have also got some regents (currently playing in 2018/2019) so my question is does it really matter if they are loaded or not?

secondly i ahve also read that loaning out players to unloaded leagues can hamper their development. Based on this if i havent loaded the belgian league and i use a Belgian club as a workpermit feeder then the players i send there are going to have the development stunted for 2 years.

so to summarise what is the difference between loaded, view only and unloaded leagues when it comes to regens and player development for players in those leagues.

thanks in advance