I just got a new PC, and thought I would start a new game. I feel in my current game, that it is too hard to shift my talents to lower divisions (playing in the BSP) even though I have loaded until tier 8.

Now I did load a large database + all english based players, as well as letting the game fill unfilled squads with generated players. And I am thinking this might be why it is hard for me to shift deadwood and loanees.

So what recommendations would people suggest I make during the setup of my new game?

I was thinking something like this:

Edited database down to tier 8 in England.
Some leagues (like England and Denmark, and Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany etc.) as Playable.
The rest would be View Only.
Medium database.
Loading players from some minor nations (I like a good selection of Carribean and Asia players )
Not generating players/staff for unfilled postions.

I think this might make the free transfer market a bit more cutthroat, as well as making it easier to offer out players, as not all squads will have automatically 20 generated players in them.

Or am I assuming wrong?