Hi fellas,

I am currently in a game with Woking in the year 2019. Got them to the Premiership and all is going well - top of the league, 4 points clear of Liverpool.

I have a fairly injury prone but highly talented defender who always starts when he is fit. He is a beast of a defender who can read the game and has constant 7/8 ratings. He would like a new contract at almost a double his 30,000 per week salary which will eat into my fairly sizeable wage budget.

I would however like some more leeway in contract negotiations - such pay per play contracts or being able to decide the size of the bonuses for players.

I know it would stretch the simplicity of the game, it is just that this player only plays a maximum of 20 games per season and despite how good he is I want to keep my wage budget from spiralling.

Any thoughts?