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Thread: World FM 12 Youth Academy Challenge In Association with Ri916's FM 12 Youth Academy

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    Default World FM 12 Youth Academy Challenge In Association with Ri916's FM 12 Youth Academy

    Basically its similar to Ri916's thread but you have a choice of country where you start in and not just England. so here is a list of League's Available to you

    League Reset
    Brazil January 2nd
    Indonesia June 1st
    S.Korea December 27th
    South Africa Not Sure on this one
    China Jnauary 20th
    Malaysia December 14th
    Mexico 20th july
    Chile 1st january
    Argentina 1st August
    Colombia 10th January
    Uruguay 1st August

    But which ever Country you start in you have to start at the very last Division

    Welcome to what is probably one of the hardest challenges in FM. Clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United and Barcelona have a reputation of bringing through youth. But their filthy rich and have a massive reputation, of course they can bring good players through, right. My question is can a small club bring through youth that has sufficient quality to play for the first team. The only person that can answer that is YOU.
    Personally, I'm sceptical as to whether it's possible. Prove me Wrong. Ri916's words
    Thats the Aim of this challenge. And it can be done

    What You have to do
    • This challenge will take place in around the globe apart from Europe. To start, you have to create a Holiday manager and holiday for a season. I dont want you to download a save already holidayed as general Ca and Pa's of players will already be set (minus Pa's) and will make other peoples games ununique. Similar to dafauge's challenge, you will be taking over a club promoted to the last division in any of the chosen countrys . reputation should be sunday league footballer.

    • With no transfers, you must first stabilise, and then guide you team up the leagues. It will be hard, some might say impossible, but with your managerial brilliance you may stand a chance.

    • National Title [/B]and Continental Champions League and the World Club Cup with your club. any achievement will be recorded although there will not be any points scoring.

    • Save as Much money as possible and try to get facilities improved regulary
    • Dont make it to hard for yourself. pick a team that has a decent squad to give yourself a chance of staying up in the first few seasons.
    • start by using a compact formation that is hard to break down. take care with team talks and dont rush through the game, as you will be relegated.
    • choose a team with decent youth facilities.

    The Database
    • You can load any other league or players from top clubs ect. but you must load the things above.

    • you should also tick add players to playable teams so your promoted team should have a full squad to start with.


    • No loans or transfers in are allowed but you can sell and loan players out.
    • If you are sacked, you can start with a newly promoted club on the next reset date.
    • No savegame editors are allowed. only cosmetic database edits are allowed. (team/competition names/logos)
    • No international management until completion of challenge.
    • Signing backroom staff is allowed
    • signing players on trial or signing grey players isnt allowed.

    Rules for this Thread

    Player naming is allowed.

    General discussion on tactics is allowed, although people should not refer to downloaded tactics. They are not banned, but I would expect the majority of people to avoid them.

    Screenshots for anything are encouraged but please post links to your pictures, don't post them as images as it makes the pages slower to load. Posts included embedded images may be deleted without warning.

    When you join the challenge, could you post a screenshot of your manager's profile on the 24th June.

    Progress of your club should be documented using this thread, I want to hear the story of your club all the way through. Please keep me updated, even if you are doing really badly.

    Posts should be seasonal and include screenshots of : Transfers (to prove you aint cheating ),League table, Squad (at end) and of your Youth Intake. Anything else is optional but I would appreciate a screen of the best player in your intake's stats. Also, I would like you to nickname your best player/s of each youth intake in chronological order. for example, nickname your best player in the intake in season 1 as *their name* YP01

    How to Post a Screenshot
    • While in FM, press Alt and F9
    • A picture will be saved to a screenshots folder, in the FM12 folder in your documents
    • Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket
    • Post the direct Url to the image here.

    How to Add Links

    At the top of the forum, go to 'Settings' then 'General Settings' (on the left). At the bottom, select 'enhanced interface' and save the changes. This will give you access to the extra posting tools that make it easier to post links. Once you've done this, highlight the word you wish to turn into a link, then use the link button (looks like a little globe) to paste in the direct Url to your screenshot.

    Would like to thank Ri916 for letting me borrow his rules and Challenge
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