....managing obscure nations, so you don't have to

Return of the tash...
A couple of months ago, I started a journeyman career with a twist - it was to focus solely on international management. My original plan was to make extensive use of additional leagues and competitions through xml files and to add and remove leagues as I went from nation to nation. Alas, I learned too late about the issues connected with the Add/Remove Leagues feature so I've decided to restart with a new set-up that will allow me to travel the globe managing obscure nations without the need for any new leagues.
Dustin Powers:

"Nobody knows where he came from or how a Sunday League footballer came to be an international mangement sensation... "
My alter-ego for this FM journey is Dustin Powers, a super secret football manager (so secret that nobody ever knew he existed, hence his 'sunday League' rep...) At least in international management, he doesn't have to deal with any other 'agents'

The Aim
Starting with the more obscure nations of international football, I hope to work my way up to more prestigous jobs with the ultimate aim of winning a World Cup. I may pick up a few continental and regional titles on the way as a bonus.

The plan is to only manage national sides, whether the full team or youth sides (I may also put myself in charge of the youth teams if I fancy a crack at an extra tournament). I'm also planning to start somewhere really small (somehwere New.... ) and then see if I can work my way up.

The Set-Up
This has all been made possible by the sterling work of two contributors to the editors forum, namely Unknown Hacker, who has created a series of downloadable leagues which I will be making use of, and Poop, who created a whole bunch of extra international competitions which will add some extra incentive to my time with smaller teams.

The following 'big' leagues have been loaded: England down to BSS/BSN (I hoping for a few players with Caribbean second nationalities to come through), France down to CFA (due to the number of African players/regens), Holland (ditto African/Caribbean players), MLS, South Africa and Australia (they'll hopefully attract some talent from nearby smaller nations).

I've also made use of xml files to load leagues from Angola, Antigua, Azerbijan, Bahrain Botswana, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Faroe Islands, France, Gabon, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Kazahkstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Montenegro, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Oman, Phillipines, Qatar, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Surinam, Tahiti, Thailand, Trinidad, Uzebkistan, Vanatau, Vietnam and Zambia! (Quite a list but I've run tests and I'm confident my computer can handle it).

The following extra international competitions have also been added:

Africa - CECEFA Cup (tournament for Central and East African teams), Cosafa Cup (for Southern African nations), WAFU Cup, Amilcar Cabral Cup (both for different 'zones' of Western Africa), UNAF U23 Championship (U23 tournament for North African nations). All of these cups also have U20 versions, which have been added.
Asia - SAFF Championship (for South Asia), ASEAN Championship (South-East Asia with additional U23 and U19 editions), Gulf Cup (for nations in the Persian Gulf - also has an U23 version), HK-Macau Interport (an annual clash between Hong Kong and Macau), Marianas Cup (an annual clash between Northern Mariana and Guam), West Asian Games, East Asian Games and South-East Asian Games (all multi-sport events with U23 football tournaments)
Europe - Baltic Cup (annual round robin between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with U21 and U19 editions),
North/South America - Pan-American Games (U21 tournament featuring teams from both continents), Inter-Guyana Cup (an annual clash between Guyana and French Guyana) and Super-Clasico de las Americas (a two-legged clash between Brazil and Argentina)
Oceania - nothing extra here!
Intercontinental - Arab Nations Cup, Mediterranean Games (U23 tournament), Coupe de l'Outer-Mére (tournament for French overseas territories), Lusophony Games (for Portugeuse-speaking nations), Isliamic Solidarity Games, Indian Ocean Island Games, CIS Cup (U21 tournament for former Soviet countries and neighbouring nations) and Jeux de la Francophonie (U21 tournament for French-speaking nations)

That should keep me busy!