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Thread: Total loss of harmony!

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    Default Total loss of harmony!

    I'm currently top of the German first division, 7 points clear of FC Bayern. I have just won a tricky away game and I get my board update for January. The board are happy but are worried about the negative atmosphere enamating from the squad. How, Why I think.. I look at the board confidence screen and see that my harmony bar is non-existent when previously it was at least two thirds high.

    I go to my squad to see who is unhappy. My sub keeper has been happy since the beginning of the season as he feels he should be a first team regular. A midfielder has also been happy since the beginning of the season as he wants a fresh challenege. Then there are a number of players in my reserves who are unhappy with the treatment of a team mate yet I haven't done anything that would be considered harsh or unfair to a member of the squad.

    Any ideas why my harmony has dropped so dramatically. This is the first time it has happened all season.

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    I had 6 players - 5 of who were in the reserves who were unhappy and the harmony showed as about 10%

    I offered them all new contracts - not particularly massive increase and the harmony was back to 70%ish

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    Have you transfer-listed a player in the reserves by any chance? If so this suggests it may have been a particularly popular player...

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    I haven't placed any players on the transfer market but there is a striker called Francis Musah who was one of the main strikers when I arrived at the club. I have since bought in better players and have relegated him to the reserves. Some of my players in their profile say "hopes the club can hold on to Francis Musah" and the guys is worth 6M (although his stats are rubbish!).

    I would be surprised if they were unhappy with Musah being in the reserves as I demoted him weeks before the Harmony bar dipped. Although his morale is Low, he isn't unhappy (doesn't have an exclamation mark against name).

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    Can you forward me the save game and I'll take a look and let you know why its happening - I expect it probably is to do with the player rotting in the reserves, handling aging 'ex-stars' is a tricky thing to do .... especially if the younger generation are active admirers of them (sometimes imho its easier just to move them forcibly for a loss rather than potentially disrupt things by their continued presence).

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    Hi Marc - unfortunately I have passed on to pastures new. Despite my team's total lack of harmony, I was still able to manage the side to the top of the league. Because of my success in the league and in the Champions League, the morale steadily increased. Not long after, Man City came in for me with the offer of 49M to spend in the Jan transfer window (which actually increased to 75M due to a cash injection). I couldn't turn them down.

    I think the main problem was down to demoting a player to the reserves. He himself wasn't unduly unhappy (had low morale but no exclamation mark or anything in his profile to say that he was really unhappy with me) but when I sold him just before leaving for City, a number of players in my squad felt unhappy with the sale.
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