I have experienced the bug, that the final result of the match was different, that in actual match (FM 2011 11.3.0). It wasnít my teamís match, but I discovered it, when I watched goals from other matches in my league. In a results table and in league table was 3:1 and when I watched the goals it was 3:0. It was different result, goals were actually shoot by different players, that it was showed in the results table.
I know that is known bug in FM 2011 (version 11.3.0), but I experienced it for the first time (Iím playing in FM 2011 for over a year without problems) so I would like to know if:

1. Is it a typical problem for whole FM 2011 (11.3.0 version)?
2. Is it a problem connected with particular leagues, tournaments, countries or teams? (Iím playing in Finnish Ykkonen)
3. Is it the problem connected with particular database file (I edited the file as always by changing chairman parameters)