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    Hi all.

    Currently playing as West Ham in the Champions League. Unfortunatly I have only finished third, despite being on the same points and better +goal difference then the second place team

    1st Barcelona GD +11 Pts 15
    2nd SLB GD +1 Pts 10
    3rd WHUFC GD +8 Pts 10
    4th Olympiakos GD -20 Pts 0

    Interestingly after the 5th match was complete, the game decided I had not qualified. On the last match I smashed Olympiakos 6-0 and SLB lost to barca 3-0. Unless I am missing something this must be a bug? :confused:

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    Its your head to head against SLB that counts when points are the same.

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    The first decider for Champions League groups standings are the results between the teams concerned, rather than goal difference.

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    As Erimus has said above when teams are level it goes down to head to head record, it tells you this in the competition rules.

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    Also goal difference counts on the H2H if you are tied to be very careful not to attack too much if you are one down to a team of similar ability because it could kill you. I've gone out of Europe twice because of this H2H goal difference. It's a manager's worst nightmare.

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    Thank you for all your replies and for clearing this up. I did draw and lose to this team so guess my standing is correct.

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