It's 2014 and I have just taken Red Star Belgrade back to European glory. In our winning European campaign we had some impressive results, including wins vs city home and away and a 6-0 demolition against Marseille. The board gave me a huge transfer budget of 27 million and upgraded to training facilities to 5 stars. On top of that, I just signed my favorite player of all time, Riquelme as a coach until 2019!

And yet, it seems throughout the football world we are still seen as minnows. Serbians playing at such crappy clubs as Blackburn or Zaragoza are not even wishing to discuss contract negotiations with me. My star regen central midfielder from ivory coast, who I discovered and I rescued singlehandedly from a life of playing on a dirt field covered in broken glass with no shoes on is wanting to leave the team he just co-captained to European cup glory for the greener pastures of...feynourd and clube brugge...

Reserve team players from mid-level Italian clubs are turning even offers of becoming a key player on a European cup winning team!

Does the European cup mean nothing these days? It's not like Red Star is a tiny club, we have won it before!

How many European cups do I need before these players start giving the team some respect?