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    To try and liven things up a bit and make discussions between manager and chairman more realistic do people agree that when being offered a new contract/receiving a job offer you can discuss transfer budgets and wage budgets. This could come in the way of the sliding scale that is already in place when you want to adjust your budget. This could also then allow you to include reasons, e.g. you feel that with the present budgets on offer you don't think you can achieve the goals with the squad that is in place etc.

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    I think budgets could be discussed and also there could be promises of investment in youth/training/stadiums/etc. to help convince you to sign.

    I'm sure they had something like this in an old version, or maybe I imagined it.

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    also backroom staff could be included in disccusions. some wont take jobs without removal of old staff and there own friends bought in

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