Well, it finally happened. After running out of steam on my last thread (largely due to a little self loathing of being at such a big club) I've eventually decided on a new destination for my latest FM adventure.

My FM destinations are normally quite predictable. I've always liked the idea of taking a small club up from the bottom and establishing themselves as a force, normally in England, or every now and then in Italy. I decided it was time to move completely out of my comfort zone, somewhere I've never set foot in, somewhere with a completely different football culture to immerse myself in. Therefore, I've packed my bags and left dear old Blighty for the sights and sounds of South America.

I'm not going to set myself any goals at all in this career, just aim to start at the bottom somewhere and see where it gets me. I'm pleased to see there aren't too many South American based careers on here, so I'll be walking pretty much blind. Always the best way to go...

Anyway, the details:

FM11.3 with no edits
Leagues loaded from Argentina (Second Division and above) Brazil (Third Division and above) Columbia (Second Division and above) Chile (First Division B and above) Uruguay (Second Division and above) Peru, USA and Mexico (Promotion League) For good measure I've also added England, Portugal and Italy, although they're simply to ensure the reality of the better players in South America getting picked up by big European clubs happens, but are largely unimportant to me.
48,000 players, medium database

Oh, and to make things more interesting I'm going to pick my club with the random button. Really do love that button!