Hello Apple and Android owners!

Firstly, loving that FMH is now on Android, and enjoying the gameplay so far!

Secondly: I have a dream! This dream would see an old divide between Apple and Android healed one helpful comment at a time. I envisage iOS users, previously perceived as elitist and womanly, lending a helping hand to the new handheld barbarians of the android generation.

In plain English - Based on your experiences, what are the differences between the handheld and full version, ranging from significant and having impact to minute and quirky. Some examples of what I've found after reading this forum and playing for awhile:

  • Maximum of 30 seasons
  • Regens take on attribute templates from retired players
  • Highlights are sparse and short. Useful info needs to be extracted from stats.
  • No hiring of backroom staff - set automatically in line with clubs reputation/facilities.
  • Some attributes have been combined to save screen space
  • Only one country is playable per game

That's the main things that stuck out to me. Please add your own, and feel free to correct anything I've said.