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Thread: Crashing when I try and start new season

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    Default Crashing when I try and start new season


    After getting promotion with the team I support (Leeds united) to the premier league, I was pretty p*ssed of when the game keeps crashing whenever I try to continue to the next season


    I am currently using version 3.3 of FMH2012
    on an iPod touch 3G 4.0 firmware

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    Hi, apologies you've encountered this issue, it's something that a small number of users seem to have experienced but we haven't yet been able to reproduce ourselves.

    Firstly can you try fully powering off your device (holding down the power button and sliding when prompted). If that doesn't work, I recommend you also try upgrading the firmware to 4.2.1, as it seems to be that most people who have experienced this are running 4.0.x.

    If the game still won't continue to the next season, feel free to email the game to me using the instructions supplied here so that I can continue it through the season update for you: http://community.sigames.com/showthr...save-game-file

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