I'm a big fan of the football manager, and I play the game even before his name was changed so that I have a history of about 15 years with the game .. I gained a lot of knowledge over the years and even managed to help my dad (very executive coach in Israel), data on foreign players through the game, and in January I will get my real coach certificate. I would really like to cooperate with you because I have some great ideas about the game can improve it even more so:
1. When you have your player at the club and half his card belongs to another club would be to buy the other half not only cash payments and vice versa.
2. Be possible to sell and buy players who season that you train new group and perhaps the old coach's plans do not match your purchase for those players.
3. I would very much like to see former players returning to the game in a way that they will grow again in clubs which have grown really
4. Be able to open season in other years with the players of those years, for example to open season with Juventus of Roberto Baggio 93 and his teammates in those days ..