Hi Marc and Team

I wonder if you or someone else in this forum might be in position to provide me with a clue about how the manager points are calculated.

For me it is obvious that I receive a certain number of points mainly based on my teams success in different competitions. I guess furthermore that all competitions have some kind of "reputation" (?) factor behind which determines the maximum number of points you can get if you win.

Are there other factors like for instance manager ratings like "Domestic Bias", Monthly or Annual Titles (Manager of the Year) and so on which are providing points too?

I am really curious how some Manager are able to achieve 50000+ points If I review my achievements and the total points collected, which looks almost perfect (I just lost 5 possible titles over my 19 years) but I am not able to finish with more as 43000 if I will win all of my remaining careers competitions until retirement.

Second question related to the same topic:

In my actual career game (season 2030) I won already around 90 club competitions + several World Cups, European Championships and Confed Cups with England and different international top teams in four leagues (Manu, Valencia, Gladbach, Arsenal, Stuttgart, Udinese). However most of the time I am ranked on 3rd or 4th with a less successful coach on 1st. Is the rating based on actual season results or overall career achievements?

Thank you in advance