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    Ok, I am planning on making a FM thread in which I start unemployed, with sunday league experience and apply for any job I am interested in, trying to move my way up from club to club until I become the coach of one of the big teams. However, many other details are left to be planned, and I would like you guys to help me in deciding my aproach in each team I am at(Youngsters, Transfer Crazy, Balanced, etc). This might take a while to begin though since my computer turns "dark" when I put FM. If any of you know how to fix this problem, here is the thread I posted in the bug forum.

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    Good luck with the career, hope u get your problem sorted !

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    I hope so too. It's so annoying not being able to play. I will probably go to a store and see if they know how to fix it.

    Anyway, back with my thread. Which leagues should I load?(Besides All for Engalnd, Spain, Italy, Germany, France)

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    I have no idea how to fix your isue, but I suspect the guys who may have the knowledge to help might require more info.
    What updates have you received recently? Is there anything new in your start-up (as a complete know-nothing in this type of thing, this would be my first guess - something new running in the background that for some reason conflicts with FM)? Is your installation from CD/DVD or a Steam download?
    Any system info, and changes, might be useful to those who are able to assist in this type of thing.

    When you get going, you are adding most of the top European leagues; maybe you could include some of the big non-Euro leagues. Brasil or Argentina, Japan, Mexico, South Africa will give you a league from each federaton except Oceania - South Africa hardly qualifies as a big league though, but I find it an enjoyable one.

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    It's a download from, I am using a Windows 7 computer, used to work fine until 3 weeks ago.
    And thanks by the way. I am planning on starting in South America, AFrica, or Asia since I like to travel around the world. Won't be easy, but fun nonetheless.

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    OK, my football manager works again so lets get this started. After looking around the forum, I've decided to let you guys make some of the decisions.
    First off, wich continent should I begin in:
    South America, Africa, Or Asia?

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