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Thread: help whats gone wrong

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    Default help whats gone wrong

    I'm managing Liverpool and in my 4th season. In 3rd season i won euro cup and have been finishing in top 5 of premiership every season but now it is a diaster, i can't win a thing in premiership after 8 games i'm 19 th having won 2 games and losing rest. In close season sold a few players which i didnt use our getting on. I bought about 4 players to bolster the squad. I use a few different tactics which are 442, 4312 or 4231 but nothing is working.

    Anyone got any ideas to what may help.

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    Your managing Liverpool... Thats whats wrong!

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    You're in bad form. This is mostly a morale issue, not a tactical one.

    * Team meeting may help.
    * Check the assistant's post-match feedback. It might say that noone's listening to you and that might complicate things.
    * Ultimately, you may have to turn things around by playing ultra-defensively in order to scrape a point.
    * Be "nice" with your team talks. Don't put much pressure on them; rather encourage and be supportive. Praise good performances, sympathyze with bad results. Very bad performances should be criticized, though - they will react badly to delusions.

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