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Thread: (FM11) A most excellent adventure (or a very bogus journey!)

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    Default (FM11) A most excellent adventure (or a very bogus journey!)

    Evening all (apologies for the thread prizes for guessing what I've been watching! Can't beat a little nostalgia)

    Well, I'm feeling pretty annoyed at myself for ruining my last save. :o Drinking heavily while playing the game was a disaster waiting to happen, so I'm thankful it was only three seasons worth of game play. Anyway, enough of that, and on to a new challenge.

    In all my time playing CM/FM, my greatest achievement came on CM 99/00 where I took Berwick Rangers to the UEFA Cup Final, and I'm yet to match anything like that since playing the new series of the game. I'm now searching for that kind of epic challenge, but as I've got plenty of experience playing in Scotland, I'm instead going to look at Wales (the lower reputation of the league makes it a really inviting challenge, too). I'm also going to make a slight change in how I play the game as I'm going to limit myself to signing just British and Irish players, where I'd normally do most of my shopping in France.

    So then, the challenge is simple: take the lowest rep team in Wales and lead them to domestic dominance, before turning my attention to Europe. With only British & Irish players available to me, this should be a decent challenge. I've read some good threads based in Wales, so there's plenty of inspiration out there!

    Anyway, the details:

    Leagues loaded from England (BSS/N) Scotland (Div3) Ireland (First Division) NI (Second Division) and Wales
    21,000 players and a large data base

    EDIT: After 7 years in Wales I'm getting itchy feet, so there might just be another chapter to this career...
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