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I think this years release was 1 of best so far as in bug wise, 12.2 seem to have caused more problems then anything, as for the M.E/corners well we know there a new M.E In progress so fingers crossed, as for injuries im not sure if you mean the accurence or types or both or something else if its the accurence the actual percent of injuries in fm is very close to the real life % i remember Paulc posting the statistics for fm and real life a while back, i think the problem is in fm you seem to get loads all at same time
All within the first 3 weeks of the season start :

Demel, 6 weeks, knee - McCartney, 6 weeks, shoulder - Taylor, 6 weeks, knee - Carew, 3 months, broken foot, Cole, 3 months, broken ankle, Maynard 3 weeks knee. Not sure on the latest patch as i've just started the game but players struggled to get back on previous patches from non career threatening injuries as well. I'm hoping that isn't the case with that little lot!!