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Ukraine Vs San Marino

Ukraine is the first test for San Marino. Ukraine have a World Rank of 50th! They have some very good players, such as; Anatoliy Tymoschuk, Artem Milevskyi and Andriy Pyatov. It could be fair to say that San Marino have played and beaten a better team (Mexico), so there is plenty of hope going into this one!

First Half...

10th Minute: Zangari is moving in on goal, but finds his path blocked by the Ukraine defence, he decides to go backwards to Finke, who picks out Lorenzo first time, Lorenzo goes for the bottom left hand corner! Nice shot, but curls just wide!

40th Minute: There hasn't been much action for the past 30 minutes, but Ashario is stepping up to take a San Marino corner...
GOALLLLLLLL!!! Ashario curls it straight onto Marino's head! Trademark corner from San Marino! You can always count on Marino putting those in, as he hardly ever misses! Ukraine 0 - 1 San Marino!

43rd Minute: Finke picks out Zangari, he could go for goal here, but decides to put it through for Lorenzo... Horrible shot from Lorenzo, he will kick himself for messing up such an opportunity!

45th Minute:
GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! Another trademark corner from San Marino! Almost identical to the last! Ashario puts the ball onto Marino's head! Marino proves my last statement was true

Half Time...

San Marino are in front with two great corners from Ashario, met by the ever present Marino! I'm going to adjust the tactics during half-time as I think the second half could be a bit more tough. I'm going to go with a shorter passing game and a Standard Strategy. I'm also going to pull the defensive line right back to a deep approach and mix the passing up to confuse our opposition. They will be used to us attacking down the wings, so I think mixing it up might allow us to take them by suprise. I'm also betting they might go for a more attacking approach, so i'll switch on the counter attack.